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What is Blood Pressure?
By David Carter

Once we get past thirty years of age most of us would like to become a bit fitter, and may be even improve our general health. There are many ways of improving your health but one of the best methods is to have your blood pressure checked out regularly. As you probably know blood pressure is the pressure of your blood within the arteries, the vessels that carry the blood from your heart and around your body.

This pressure changes throughout the day and can be affected by many different factors, such as the time of day, mealtimes, over excitement, anxiousness, exercise, anger, frolicking with the neighbour even, and smoking, among many others.
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How to Lower Your Blood Pressure and Finally Get Results From a Diet

By Ryan Tenney

Here’s a really simple way to lower your blood pressure. Change your diet. That might sound easy. Well, here’s an insider’s tip. It is actually fairly easy to change your diet without too much of a difference in your lifestyle. You’ve heard it before, but fruits and vegetables can make a difference in helping you to look and feel better. Who wouldn’t like that? We aren’t talking about changing everything you eat to fruits and vegetables (though you’d probably be really healthy afterwards). We are talking about changing your diet slowly. All good things happen slowly, so there is no need to rush. Unless you are way overweight in which case you might want to see a Doctor and have him advise you on the best quick way to rapid weight loss (if there is such a thing).

Here is a three part checklist on how to get that blood pressure down gradually.
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High Blood Pressure - On the Sunny Side of the Street
By Jessica Cander

It is one of those situations where, after examining the facts, you almost feel like you are caught between a rock and a hard spot. Or perhaps better yet between the shade and the sun. For many years now the public has been cautioned against excess amounts of sun exposure. And clearly there is truth behind this. Skin cancer is a very real risk, and precautions such as sun block and long sleeved clothing should be taken when going out in the sun. Yet just as it is generally advised that you should not lay unprotected on the beach for hours at a time, summer after summer, it is steadily becoming more apparent that a lack of sunlight can have very negative, far-reaching consequences on your health as well. In recent years numerous well-respected studies, such as one carried out by the University of Maine, have shown that lack of sunlight may in fact be the cause of, or a large contributing factor behind, some people’s high blood pressure.
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Blood Pressure Medications: A Concise Guide
By Ray Kelly

High blood pressure is unfortunately something that most people have to deal with as they age. This is especially true for the average person in the western part of the world. The national average for high blood pressure is approximately 24% in the United States with most other Western countries within close proximity of that number.

Medication is the most frequent form of treatment outside of individual lifestyle choices. However, there are a wide variety of drug types used to treat high blood pressure and they each approach the problem in a unique fashion. A physician will prescribe the type of drug best suited for the needs of the individual patient.
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